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Why Patrick?

Of the People

Patrick is a life-long resident of Northern Ohio.  He was born the second of five sons to John and Ruth, and was raised in Akron, where he graduated from Harvey S. Firestone High School.  He later excelled at Kent State University, graduating with a degree in Economics, and has earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

He met his wife Shirley while he was a cook and she was a waitress, both working to put themselves through college.  They’ve been married almost 28 years, raising their children, Sean, Garrett, and Lauren, together in Canton, and opening their home to many other children along the way. 

Over the years, he’s been downsized twice and has experienced long-term unemployment.  He has worked as a Teamster dock worker, an industrial sales rep, a corporate strategist, a school bus driver, a business manager, and a university professor.  He’s helped build Habitat homes and coach YMCA youth teams, and is a member of Rivertree Christian Church in Massillon.    


By the People

Patrick is committed to reducing the influence of the Big Money interests in elections and in Washington.  He has pledged only to accept donations from individuals, not from PAC's, organizations, or special interest groups.

Patrick's campaign momentum is entirely from the grassroots level.  Chances are you found this website because a friend forwarded you a link on Twitter or Facebook, or a volunteer phoned or emailed you directly. 

We owe all our success to the energy and action of regular people, like you and your friends and neighbors.


For the People

Patrick is neither famous nor wealthy nor larger-than-life.  He’s never run for public office before.  He’s exactly who we need in Congress – a real person with real values and a real concern for helping real people.

Our country and our people are facing challenges we’ve never seen before.  These are different times, calling for a different kind of leadership. 

We don’t need more career politicians.  We don’t need more special interest lobbyists.  We need someone who has lived in the real world, who has new ideas and is still open to learning from the perspectives of others, who is committed to getting the job done, regardless of who gets the credit.

Patrick is someone we all know:  a quiet “everyman” who puts others first and brings people together.  He's always been a hands-on, common sense servant-leader who learns from and respects the perspectives of others, works to make things better, and stands firm for what is right.

And we can trust him to be that same person in Washington.



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